Nanny Nina

Nanny Nina is the largest babysitting platform in the Netherlands with over 50.000 users. The platform is build with Laravel PHP, Livewire and VueJS.


Cuzwork is an online Project Management Tool that is build with Laravel PHP and VueJS.


Buurhondje is the largest dog community of the Netherlands. This platform is build with Laravel.


DeltaProto is Dutch startup that assembles PCBs and prototypes with their in-house developed Hybrid Placer machine that is integrated in the web-application.


Sonus is an online learning platform to practice English pronunciation.

Bright Solutions Vietnam

Bright Solutions Vietnam is a online web-shop that sells highly-crafted interactive children’s play products.

May Dong Phuc Polycent

May Dong Phuc Polycent provides customized uniforms for businesses with their online webshop.


Label84 is a online SAAS platform that enables you to gain insight in your sales by analyzing your Mollie subscriptions and payments. This platform is build with Laravel PHP.