We consult startups and businesses in digital product development


We develop our application from scratch. We buil upon the Laravel framework. This allows us to develop quickly and build in such a way that the application is easy extendable and backed by large online community of developers.


We use VueJS to give your application or landing page the best user-experience. With VueJS your site will be interactive, dynamic and feel like an app on your phone, and most important it will speed up the site significantly.


Simple websites we build using WordPress. This is the most-used CMS for websites. With a wide-range of templates and plugins we can have your website up and running within no-time.


Want to test out and idea or gain direct user feedback from your app before spending a lot of money on your new idea. We can build a Minimum viable product (MVP) of your idea for a fraction of the price and within days.


Try out several ideas, scripts or designs for your application or app – we can develop one or multiple prototypes of certain features within a very short time-frame.

Project Management

We can manage or provide an advisory roll for your web-related projects. With development, deployment and maintenance of your applications we can support you all the way.

Our work

Nanny Nina

Nanny Nina is the largest babysitting platform in the Netherlands with over 25.000 users. The platform is build upon on Laravel framework and VueJS.


Cuzwork is an online Project Management Tool that is build upon the Laravel framework and VueJS.


Buurhondje is the largest dog community of the Netherlands. This platform is build with Laravel.

FYI OCT/20 we terminated our support/maintenance agreement with buurhondje.nl


DeltaProto is Dutch startup that assembles PCBs and prototypes with their in-house developed Hybrid Placer machine that is integrated in the web-application.


Label84 is a online SAAS platform that enables you to gain insight in your sales by analyzing your Mollie subscriptions and payments.